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STOP struggling, stressing, worrying, and dealing with negativity. Get the KEYS to refocus on the positive and find more happiness! Read this book and you will experience Positive Directions in your life!
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Want to learn what the smartest, healthiest, happiest and most successful people already know? The key is how they deal with challenges.

The question is HOW well do YOU deal with the following examples?

  • INJUSTICE, etc., etc., etc.
  • and the UNCERTAINTY of Life?

  • To stay young, healthy, and happy you must use the best strategies to deal with life, otherwise stress will rob you of well being and drive you crazy. This book is full of great ideas, revealing insights, and powerful strategies to reverse a negative direction and go in the opposite, positive direction. It has dozens of practical examples that make it easy to use. In addition, you get an interactive website to maximize the tools inside.

    You need LEVERAGE extra power to control the factors responsible for most of your troubles; inside are the Master Keys that will give you that leverage to escape stress and achieve more. This is the Newest and Most Advanced personal development system.

    Positive Directions the "Smart Self-Help book" reveals the secrets to a more successful life:

    Gain confidence, deal with uncertainty, and have more passion.

    Take the master steps to build an invincible personal will power.

    Learn to conquer stress and achieve better performance.

    Overcome anxiety, fear, anger, or depression without pills.

    Improve your skills to deal with problems or difficult people.

    Learn the rules for analyzing situations and making better decisions.

    Replace bad patterns or routines with good ones.

    Develop your communication skills and improve your relationships.

    Learn how to relax and let go of all the troubles.

    Discover the best strategies to be happier and more successful.


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    "Applying John s ideas can help you step up to an exceptional life."

    Anthony Robbins
    Best-Selling Author of Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power
    Dr. John Ryder

    John Ryder, Ph.D.

    Psychologist, achievement coach, speaker, and workshop leader

    Member of the:
    American Psychological Association
    New York Academy of Sciences
    American Society of Clinical Hypnosis
    Cambridge Who s Who of Professionals

    Greetings my friend!

    We all know that life can be difficult. I am here to make it easier! Just like you, I have had to overcome plenty of major challenges and hardships in my own life. I have also helped thousands of people to cope more effectively with all kinds of stress, resolve conflicts and achieve their goals. This has compelled me to search for the best solutions to overcome the difficulties we all experience. Would you like a lifetime of valuable knowledge?
    Inside are the jewels
    of wisdom guaranteed to
    make your life

    Go ahead peek inside

    How often have you been at your wits end, frustrated, dealing with difficult people or situations? When you have a bad day what do YOU do? How much time do you spend worrying about the future? Do you regret some of the big decisions you have made? Maybe you just feel tired all the time, lack motivation, as if everyone has drained you of energy? Do you keep sabotaging or blocking yourself? Have you been as successful as you have wanted to be?

    We all experience STRESS and negative or unwanted events. You certainly wonder why some people seem to be doing better than yourself. Are these people born luckier, smarter, wealthier, or what is it really?

    Why do some people enjoy success while others struggle, live with fear, anger, failure and misfortune? I have good news for you, success and happiness are not inherited, they are not based on intelligence, nor talents, wealth, or luck!

    Success leaves clues. When you follow the details you begin to notice the true causes and consequences of what really happened. I was trained in hard core science doing academic research. Here are the results of my investigation of how you can help yourself to make life easier.

    Escaping stress and enjoying greater success and happiness are based on a set of skills and strategies that anyone can easily learn to use.
    keys to life
    These skills are the Nine Master Keys that every person can develop and continue to improve throughout life. The most important strategy is Shifting Polarities or knowing when and how to stop going in a negative direction, turn around and go in the opposite positive direction. When you read the book and you will realize how easy it is.
    This book explains exactly how to refocus on the Positive Direction by identifying what are the polar opposites of the negative, stressful, painful, unwanted, unpleasant and bad aspects of life.
    The nature of life is bi-polar, a duality. For example, it is divided into:
    negative and positive
    bad and good
    rigid and flexible
    weak and strong, etc.
    Positive Directions describes how to deal more effectively with the often unfair nature of life.
    Our greatest problem is that we are all universally much more likely to slip in the negative direction than go in the positive one. That is because of the way our brain is wired which makes us at least ten times more likely to experience stress than be able to escape it.

    We all have the same weaknesses and problems but, every person has unique strengths.

    These skills and strategies help you develop your potential to minimize stress and maximize your success.

    This book explains how to develop these 9 skills and strategies in a clear, straight forward manner and offers many examples of how to apply them in everyday life.

    You may be very smart, very successful, very talented, and very well adjusted able to deal with anything in life just fine. Regardless of where you are today in life, YOU CAN IMPROVE, because your potential is to continue to develop your strengths and achieve more throughout life. This book is for you.

    If your life has been filled with struggles, hardships, pain, misery and frustration, then you have already spent enough time and energy in the negative direction, TIME TO CHANGE and go in the Positive Direction. This book is the most advanced Self-Help or personal development system available to improve your life and the life of those around you.
    I am offering you the tools to make your life easier, more successful, to enjoy greater fulfillment, prosperity, and health. Get the Book.


    After you purchase this book you gain access to an interactive website that gives you a ton of valuable resources that will make you stronger, more flexible, focused, stable, more motivated, and balanced. There is a STUDY GUIDE and additional exercises for you to utilize. That is just the beginning.

    Many people have begun to improve their physical fitness, exercising more, watching their diet and so on. Everyone realizes that these activities are good for your health and well being.

    What about your mental fitness? If you want to improve your health, wealth, and success in life you must also pay attention to keeping your mind strong and fit to deal with life effectively. Positive Directions is the most advanced personal development and stress management book available.

    I give you the information to keep you healthier and happier in mind, body, and spirit. If you want to keep your life going in Positive Directions, read the book and visit the Shifting Polarities website to find everything you need to develop the strongest and healthiest mind any person can have.

    In addition, you will get a ton of Free Bonus gifts - when you order this book. And I promise you that you are getting far more than just a book, it will serve your needs in countless ways!

    I am grateful for your interest in my work

    Keep Going in Positive Directions


    John Ryder, PhD

    Develop your mental fitness like the physical fitness of an Olympic athlete.
    "I truly believe that this book will help those who have the desire to make a paradigm shift, that will improve their health and ability to act and think spiritually, to make that shift creating a new life and self".

    Bernie Siegel, M.D.
    Author of 365 Prescriptions For The Soul and Prescriptions For Living
    There are NEGATIVE Directions
    Things we really want to avoid
    There are POSITIVE Directions
    Things we really wish for
    YOU THINK positive directions are obvious - but, actually they are often hidden or difficult to find because the negative effects of life can be very powerful and overwhelming. First, you must understand how to untangle yourself from negative events and then, you can learn to get the most leverage to move in a positive direction.

    Questions for you, a family member, friend or co-worker:
    • Do you ever wonder what makes us get stressed out so quickly & easily?
    • Why is it hard to be happy and successful?
    • Does the uncertainty of life bother you, do you worry too much?
    • Do you question your worthiness or feel you are not achieving your goals?
    • Are you impulsive or are decisions very difficult for you to make?
    • Can anyone escape feeling irritated and frustrated by life?
    • Do you feel tired, lack motivation, stuck in a bad pattern?
    These are all very common experiences that we can all reverse and go in the opposite, and positive direction.
    This is much more than just a BOOK it will be a fun and excellent RESOURCE to get ahead It is just a tiny investment (like one meal) and in return you will improve your life lighten the baggage, release some tension, avoid a battle, minimize the stress, resolve a conflict, stop worrying, and achieve a wish or dream you have had for a long time!

    That s priceless.

    Well, I summarized the main points as Keys at the end of each chapter so you can skim quickly thru most of it!
     Order Positive Directions Now! 
    "Psychology adds to its growing new positive orientation from the work of John Ryder who describes a set of viable strategies one can use to deal with life more effectively."

    Philip Zimbardo, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus Stanford University
    Author of The Lucifer Effect - Understanding How Good People Turn Evil

    To stay young, healthy, and happy you need this book, otherwise normal everyday stress will rob you of well being and drive you crazy. I bring a new fresh perspective to psychology - how to take advantage of the natural dualities of life and turn things around when you are heading for stress or negativity. It offers plenty of real examples for you to use. This is a positive psychology book.
    Everyone needs LEVERAGE - extra power to control the factors responsible for most of our troubles - inside are the Master Keys that will give you that leverage to escape stress and achieve more.

    LEVERAGE is a matter of finding how to get the best result with the most effective means. With a pulley system, one man can easily lift fifty times his weight. The same is true in life, except instead of a pulley, you need the pivotal points to make the biggest changes for yourself. Positive Directions is about helping you gain leverage to make life easier and more fulfilling.

    I offer you extra leverage with the interactive multimedia website created to go with this book. There you can ask questions that will be answered by me on the BLOG and you can also participate in teleseminars or webinars that I will host. The TakePositiveDirections website offers a giant variety of tools, exercises, diagrams, quizes, and information that HELPS YOU develop you strengths and make faster progress in your life. You will be rewarded beyond your imagination.

    "John Ryder's book answered all my questions about what drives us crazy and what we can really do about it to regain balance and harmony. He is very insightful and easy to understand. He delivers simple to follow tools to make you smile and feel strong, while living in today's high pressure jungle. Buy it and read every page of it! You will be glad you did".

    A. Brooks, Editor, Talent in Motion Magazine, New York

    Do you want PROOF?

    This system works. It is based on the writings of the most respected leaders in the field of psychology and the research findings of numerous universities. I have used these tools in my own life dealing with all sorts of tremendous challenges, difficulties, suffering and stress very successfully. I have given these tools to my clients and watched them conquer their obstacles and achieve their goals. My private practice is based mostly on word-of-mouth referrals, because my system works.

    If you are skeptical, go ahead and test it out yourself. Anyone can afford to invest in a book that can save some stress, misery or help achieve a goal more easily! My work is based on logic, common sense, tried and tested results. I am a scientist. Only things that really work repeatedly are of interest to me. The tools I offer are effective and universal they will serve anyone.

    The system is based on history, research, and proven techniques. I list over 70 references to other authors who give supportive evidence to my work. I have studied the most successful, healthy, happy and positive people alive. I have taken the best, most adaptive, and productive skills and strategies to include in this book. You can remain confident that every single tool has plenty of evidence proving its power and usefulness.

    Here are some more testimonials:
    NO HYPE - this book delivers what it promises.
    "Psychology all too often focuses on the negative and how the individual must spend many years in psychotherapy to undo the negative in his/her life. John Ryder is a positivist, who empowers the individual by providing the tools necessary to change how one thinks and feels. Anyone who reads this book will quickly discover a variety of clever strategies to deal with everyday difficulties in life in a very effective and positive way. This book will help you be more optimistic and positive".

    Paul Michael Ramirez, Ph.D. Chairman, Department of Psychology, Long Island University, Professor, Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology, Brooklyn, New York
    "Dr. Ryder joins the courageous writers like Erich Fromm, Bruno Betelheim, Karen Horney and others in their attempt to translate difficult concepts into practical ideas to improve one's life. Ryder is as successful as his predecessors. Shifting Polarities has to do with re-directing one's life so one can focus on what is truly important. Dr. Ryder's approach is refreshing, liberating and respectful of the individual".

    "I hope his ideas, rooted in ancient wisdom and philosophy but re-edited for us in our current life, attain the widespread attention they deserve because of their power to make us better human beings".

    Daniel Araoz, Ed.D., ABPP, NCPsyA., FAPA. Professor, Long Island University

    Author of The Symptom is Not the Whole Story
    "Positive Directions is an impressive book. It is full of valuable insights about people and life. More importantly, the skills Dr. Ryder teaches are easy to use and powerful tools to leverage the best from myself and others. I am sure you will enjoy it and utilize it everyday."

    Steve Galanis, CEO, Cinema Restaurant Group, New York
    "As a brain scientist who studies stress-related disorders, I know John Ryder understands the biology of our nervous system. Integrating this with clinical experience, a humanistic perspective, and his knowledge of Eastern philosophies have produced an uplifting manual for making positive life changes".

    Steven Berman, Ph.D. UCLA Brain Research Institute

    What will you discover as you read


    What s wrong with our brain? (page 20)

    Why are we vulnerable to illusions and distortions? (page 23)

    What is your CQ? (page 27)

    What is the difference between the rational and intuitive approach? (page30)

    Who said The roots of education are bitter, but the fruits are sweet? (page 39)

    What is the concept of karma really about? (page 40)

    Why is the 5% rule so very important? (page 46)

    What did Virginia Satir say our biggest problem is? (page 49)

    What is the most misunderstood part of nature versus nurture? (page 52)

    What is the most important question Anthony Robbins asks about how we can satisfy our needs? (page58)

    What is one of the biggest problems we must face to achieve more? (page 60)

    Do you know the three spheres of consciousness? (page 62)

    How is the Triplex Mind System organized? (page 68)

    What is the relationship between the stress and relaxation systems? (page 70)

    Do you know the four parts of our lower nature? (page 72)

    What are the three main agencies of power that we rely on to deal with life? (page 83)

    Why were memory, imagination, passion, curiosity, and creativity selected as the 5 main institutes of the mind? (page 87)

    What did Albert Einstein say is more important than knowledge? (page 86)

    Do you know what is the #1 consequence of stress? (page 101)

    Why is Think Up a key concept and what does Thuppo mean? (page 110)

    What does Positive Psychology contribute that is unique and special? (112)

    Why do our normal psychological defenses fail us? (page 114)

    What are the two types of attention? (page 136)

    If you develop the Power of Perception what can it protect you from? (page 143)

    How do you become more objective in your actions? (page 149)

    Why is it so important to keep energy flowing? (page 154)

    How do you know that you are directing your will power most effectively? (page 156)

    What is the main reason people cannot make a decision? (page 160)

    Can you name at least five different forms of intuition? (page 165)

    What is the Clarity Question and why is it important? (page 167)

    How do you identify patterns that we should replace? (page 172)

    What are the 7 rules for writing affirmations? (page 173)

    Why do I quote Jesus Christ about transforming ourselves? (page 175)

    What are the 3 purposes of all negative emotions? (page 177)

    What is the difference between peak performance and outstanding achievement? (page 182)

    What is the most important key to stop obsessiveness? (page 211)

    Do you know the 8 steps to correct an energy imbalance? (page 218)

    Can you find which negative emotions you experience most often and what are the polar opposite positive emotions on the Transformational Matrix? (page 244)

    What is the polar opposite feeling to guilt? (page 250)

    What is the ideal sense of ego that we should have? (page 280)

    Do you know the five basic steps to get relief from stress? (page 288)

    How does the Fourth Way help us deal with crisis and emergencies? (page 290)

    How does the Fifth Way help us deal with tragedies? (page 292)

    What is the new axiom that may help unite the world and promote peace and prosperity for all? (page 298)

    What did Margaret say is the last secret key to life? (page 303)



    The Pendulum of Life

    What do you do when YOU swing in the NEGATIVE Direction?

    From the inside flaps of the book:

    Life is like a pendulum swinging from negative to positive. In this duality of life we all want to go in a positive direction, but it does get tricky. What makes life often difficult and stressful-full of fears, frustrations, or feeling miserable? Is it just circumstances, or something else?

    You will learn what is actually responsible for many of our troubles and how to make life easier. Consider the major differences between those individuals that lead incredibly successful and fulfilling lives, and all the others that are confronted by stress, misery and a lack of success. It is not intelligence, luck, money, or talent that make the difference. The secret of successful people is in the special skills they use - skills anyone can learn and that enable them to change negative events into positive ones more effectively.

    This information was simplified into four basic factors - Judgment, Emotions, Energy, and Patterns. Each factor has two categories: those that are either good, healthy, and positive, or those that are negative, stressful, and to be avoided. This book explains exactly how one can learn to shift from a negative into a positive direction. Although these skills are familiar, few people use them effectively. There are Nine Master Keys that describe these skills and provide clear instructions for escaping stress and achieving more happiness. Do not be like most people who learn to live with excessive amounts of stress, decreasing the quality of their life and can even shortening the length of it.

    "Shifting polarities" is the ultimate set of "positive" strategies you can use to change directions, physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Dr. Ryder has integrated the rational and intuitive systems into a single powerful arsenal of ideas and tools to conquer stress, negative emotions, bad patterns, lack of energy, and poor judgment. This book will equip you with the leverage to reverse a negative direction and propel you toward greater success and fulfillment - the Positive Direction!

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    There are over 50 of my favorite quotations that are brilliant gems by the greatest minds spanning four thousand years of civilization.

    Even if YOU DO NOT LIKE TO READ, this book has the main points summarized at the end of each chapter in the form of "keys" so you can skim quickly. Or for those who really want to study the book , these "keys" allow you to review the most important information.

    The first section presents the required knowledge that summarizes what the wisest people agree are the keys to dealing with life successfully. This focuses on the four basic psychological factors : judgment, emotions, energy, and patterns (the Jeep system) that can go in either a good, or bad direction. This is based on what is referred to as Positive Psychology or positive thinking the newest field in the science of behavioral change.

    The second section describes the required skills for using the Nine Master Keys to Shift Polarities from any negative direction into the positive one. These are the strategies the most successful people in the world agree helps them feel good and achieve more. These tools describe exactly how tho deal with each of the four JEEP factors which are illustrated with over 40 examples. I describe each of these common problems we all face, give you examples of how they affect us, and then explain exactly how to correct them. I even show you what the ideal solution is in each example. (See the JEEP system below)

    This information is summarized in the 23rd chapter with 7 gold keys and a discussion about how to apply them to challenges in life. This includes the 4th and 5th way that explains what you can do in the event of serious emergencies crisis, or tragedies.

    A new definition of spirituality is explained in the 24th chapter, referred to as the Third Renaissance. This section offers a new perspective that shows what separates us and how we can unite people together more successfully.

    The text contains 5 figures, 24 tables, 25 illustrations, and questionnaires for self analysys

    The appendix contains a variety of resources, practical exercises and internet sites to visit.

    The book has a comprehensive index to make it easy to find a specific topic.

    The book ends with over 80 references with a suggested reading list.

    The only complaint I have received about this book is that I put a lot in it, well, I take that as a compliment. This Book is packed with information that is easy to read, understand, and utilize. I dedicated a great deal of research in just how to organize this book so that it can remain a handy reference to you after you read it. It contains just over three hundred pages that are organized into 25 chapters. Each chapter is divided by questions that are carefully answered in the text. Total number of pages is 324 including the appendix.


    Throughout the book there are many references to resources available on the special website TakePositiveDirections.com for the reader. These include recorded exercises, graphs, figures, personality profiles, questionnaires, affirmations, forms, and similar materials. Dr. Ryder will host teleseminars, webinars, a radio talk show and his blog where you can ask questions and get the answers. It truly is an interactive website for self improvement.


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    The J E E P System
    The four basic psychological factors.

    These are the four aspects that either swing in the negative or positive direction, do you know how to keep them on the positive side or do you often get stuck on the negative side? This book gives you the instructions on how to escape the negative and move in the positive direction.

    Psychological Factors Negative - Locks Positive - Keys
    Judgment: analyzing information you collect to make choices about life Bad Decisions
    stress & trouble
    Good Decisions
    growth & reward
    Emotions: the intensity and type of feelings we experience and express Negative Feelings
    bad, sad, mad...
    Positive Feelings happy, confident, accepting, good
    Energy: the power we generate, use, keep, exchange, or give away Negative Losing
    Draining energy
    Positive Charging
    plenty of energy
    Patterns: all our automatic routines, habits, and programs we repeat Bad Destructive
    self sabotage
    Positive Helpful
    simplify life

    The Nine Master Keys

    These are the most important basic skills that we all must continue to develop because they give you LEVERAGE to shift polarities from negative to positive. That is how you escape stress and move towards happiness. Each of these skills has a chapter dedicated to explaining how to develop it and use it effectively.


    "When you read John's wonderful book you begin to understand and evaluate your own mind and ways to improve your life and relationships. He brings a unique skill set, track record and knowledge regarding the brain that few experts possess or can explain in a way that makes sense to most people. Pulling from both Eastern and Western studies, extensive travels, and many client cases he offers up a fascinating book designed to help others achieve greater happiness and success!"

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    Read the first 2 paragraphs:

    The keys to our prosperity, health and happiness are not reserved for special people; they are available to all who simply seek them. Do you know where to look? Some keys are fairly obvious, others remain hidden. Unless you discover all the right keys, you cannot enjoy the good life with plenty of success. Instead, your life remains locked in an unpleasant struggle, filled with stress, frustration, and misery. Part of the problem is that our effort is usually focused externally, confronting the difficulties life throws at us with the wrong keys.

    It does not matter how hard we try to deal with life; we never seem to reach the success we desire. That is because true progress depends on the hidden keys inside our mind and body. Unless you shift your focus to deal with the internal problems we all experience, you will be missing important keys. I am proposing that success requires you to understand how the mind works and, more importantly, how it fails to work correctly. If you learn how and why we make common mistakes, you will be able to avoid many of them and improve your ability to reach your true potential.

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    Dr. John RyderAbout the Author: John Ryder, Ph.D.

    John Ryder, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist with a private practice in Manhattan. After earning his doctorate in psychology at the City University of New York, he served as an Assistant Professor at Mt. Sinai Medical Center. His cutting edge research revealed how the brain is wired. This work generated over a dozen research articles. Dr. Ryder is also an advocate of positive psychology.

    Traveling around the world, he has studied the secrets to a healthy and successful life with many of the most respected leaders of both Western and Eastern traditions. Dr. Ryder has been a consultant to many successful individuals, corporate executives, athletes, and celebrities. He has shared his expertise on a variety of radio and television shows. A highly requested speaker and workshop leader, he travels and lectures widely.


    Thank you for your interest in my work!